Barbara quillen egbert

elpBarbara Quillen Egbert credits her life experiences – in the roles of wife, mother, published author, educator, camp director and ministry leader – as the foundation to her interest in and understanding of women’s identity issues as they relate to God’s original intent for their lives. Read more

Portrait of a woman and Jesus: He looked through her eyes and into her heart
by Barbara Quillen Egbert

B1What would it be like to meet jesus face-to-face? Stories of encounters between Jesus and various women have been handed down through the centuries and give us a glimpse of how He responded to women with similar needs and desires as ours. Read more

96 Pages with Artwork

$29.95 Hard Cover (11.25 x 11.25 in.)

Portrait of a woman and Jesus A Personal journey: He looked through Your eyes and into your heart
by Barbara Quillen Egbert

B2companion workbook Are you grieving, seeking restoration of strained relationships, feeling insecure or anxious, suffering physically or emotionally or wondering about your purpose in life? Do you need a rescue or fresh start?  Read more 

256  Pages

$19.95 Paperback (8.5 x 8.5 in.)



elpDr. Plourde is a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist with a Ph.D. in Psychology. This training in the fields of both medicine and psychology is augmented by invaluable experience gained while working with cutting-edge medical research laboratories. The author's well-rounded education and professional expertise provided the background necessary to research the 100-year history of medical literature encompassing hysterectomies and compile the information into an easily understandable format.   Read more

EMF Freedom: solutions to the 21st century pollution
by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S, Ph.D.

B1electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are not harmless
This book brings together the facts about EMF pollution/smog.  Read more

$25.00 Paperback (120 pages)

$20.00 e-Book version

Sunscreens - Biohazard: Treat as hazardous waste
by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S, Ph.D.

B1Life on the planet is in danger
This book brings together the latest medical research confirming what the author has found to be the truth about sunscreens.  Read more

$27.95 Paperback (352 pages)

Sunscreens - Biohazard:  Diet and Guide to Safe Sunning
by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S, Ph.D.

B1Food and common sense Answers
This book brings together the facts about what you need to know about spending time in the sun.  Read more

$7.99 e-Book

Your Guide to hysterectomy, ovary removal & hormone replacement
by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., Ph.D.

B1Medical information for women
Combining personal stories of women's surgical experiences with the most recent medical data, this book offers a unique exploration into the issues surrounding hysterectomy, ovary removal, and hormone replacement.  It provides much needed information that clarifies the confusion surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) since the Women's Health Initiative study was released in 2002 and 2003. Read more . . .

$16.95 Paperback (326 pages)


NewsFlash Health Newsletter
by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., Ph.D.

Information you can Trust
NewsFlash is designed to sift through the hype and report the common sense and practical side of what it happening bio-chemically within the body and report what you need to know.  With so much mis-information we need turn to sources we can trust.  We want to be that source for you and will help you to become your own health care advocate to ensure you get the best health care available for you and your family.  Read more . . .

$20 per year special pricing


Hysterectomy? the best or worst thing to ever happen to me?
by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., Ph.D.

B2A collection of women's experiences
This is a consumer text that provides invaluable insights into the long and short-term variable effects reproductive organ surgery can have on the body.  It discusses personal experiences in a variety of scenarios, including hysterectomy only, hysterectomy with one or two ovaries removed, tubal ligations, and nonsurgical resolutions to reproductive organ problems.  Read more . . .

336  Pages

$16.95 Paperback

Read more . . .

Mark Starr, M.D.
1Dr. Starr
Dr. Starr is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Physical Medicine Rehabilitation and a Diplomate of the American Board of Pain Medicine. He has studied with President Kennedy's famous pain specialist, Hans Kraus, M.D., and Lawrence S. Sonkin, Ph.D., renowned endocrinologist at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center.  Read more

Hypothyroidism type 2
the epidemic
by Mark Starr, M.D.

B2Medical information for everyone
Dr. Starr has written a clear and understandable explanation of why so many people today are suffering from hypothyroidism, despite ‘normal’ blood tests that throw their doctors off the track. This book is a compilation of the overwhelming evidence that not only is the modern laboratory testing used to diagnose hypothyroidism completely inadequate, but also the current treatment for the illness is equally lacking efficacy.Read more . . .

$19.95 Paperback (312 Pages) 



Karen Sun, M.D.
1Dr. Starr
Karen Sun, M.D.: Founder of the Integrative Wellness Center in Irvine, California helps her patients optimize their lives by finding a healthy balance for their body, mind, and spirit.  Read more

achieving mid-life vitality: hormone balance and beyond
by Karen Sun, M.D.

B2Hormone  information for women and men
Jump-Start Your Own Health and Well-Being Program Read more

$27.95 Paperback (320 pages)









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